5 Motives Why should you Have a 4D or 3D Baby Scan


Although general baby scans are provided by government health services, you can even arrange for private baby scans which give a greater depth of information regarding your unborn baby. A 4D Scan is a form of scan which will be conducted with a sonographer, resulting in images and also 4D videos of your unborn child. This article covers 5 explanations why you should get yourself a 4d scan conducted throughout your pregnancy.

1. Provide additional information on an abnormality – when you yourself have been told of an abnormality along with your unborn, a 4D or 3D scan may manage to show this visually in more detail. They are particularly useful in the diagnosis of a cleft lip, while the images captured are specific as a result of the technology.

2. Obtain a clear image of your baby’s face – a 4D Scan can provide a series of images which could show your baby’s face, clearer than you’d see in a regular 2D Image 4d ultrasound. Insurance firms this, it’s stated that you can start bonding earlier along with your baby, as you can see them clearly alongside almost all their features.

3. See your baby moving – because a 4D Scan collects a series of moving images, you can see your baby as he / she moves around. You will see it scratching its nose, playing with its mouth, and sometimes even yawning. Most of these actions are specific and could be witnessed through top quality colour images.

4. 3D scans may be used to check out internal organs – 3D scans are very useful in analyzing the internal organs of your baby, just in case you are worried about the and growth of your baby or you have been advised of an abnormality and wish to investigate further.

5. Take home a photo or video – with 4D and 3D scans, you can get hold of a memory of the baby before its born. That is especially nice if the scan has been given for your requirements as a present as you and your partner can keep the image or video and compare it to the baby when its actually born.

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