Any Fight Against An individual’s Undomesticated Aspect together with Recognition


After continuing Carl Jung’s research I really could know how our brain and psyche work, and the true importance of this is of dreams. I really could also understand the religious importance of my scientific discoveries.

God could be the dream producer. God speaks in dreams. This can be a fact that can be observed into practice by all people now that the true meaning of dreams was clarified.

I discovered the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents because I had studied in a Catholic school and I had an extraordinary literary talent since 7-years-old. Carl Jung was a scientist, and he ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, that is our wild conscience. I had to continue his research by obeying the divine guidance in dreams to find out the existence of the anti-conscience into the largest part of our brain and psyche.

I precisely obeyed the divine guidance like a soldier because I was almost schizophrenic like my father. Only a miracle could help me save my sanity. I had to create this miracle become true as a result of my obedience.

My fight against my anti-conscience was extremely important not just for me. I had to win this battle and prove the existence of the anti-conscience to the ignorant world. The truth that I really could uncover the anti-conscience is really a true miracle created by God. I was just putting God’s plan into practice because I was very obedient. I could not have the ability to discover anything alone.

Our tiny human conscience cannot survive the anti-conscience’s attacks once we discover its existence fight against usa The anti-conscience generates unbearable symptoms. The truth that I learned how to remove the anti-conscience by following the unconscious guidance in dreams puts a finish to all or any mental illnesses.

Now we all know that most mental illnesses are generated by the anti-conscience, which is really a demon. This demon is the very first live conscience, which refuses to alter its behavior.

We inherit this demon in our personal brain because our human conscience was comes from a satanic conscience. This satanic conscience resulted from the accidental formation of the very first live conscience by chance. Whatever is disorganized can only have disastrous results.

God was able to differentiate Himself from His demoniac nature and attain sanctity. He learned how to arrange a live conscience and make it attain wisdom, but He depends upon the obedience with this conscience, since a thinking conscience works based by itself will.

Our primitive anti-conscience refuses to obey God’s guidance, but our human conscience must agree with this particular obedience. We have to comprehend the importance of goodness since we’ve a minumum of one psychological function working based on human characteristics.

However, our idiotic and selfish conscience refuses to obey God’s guidance. We prefer what’s bad, like our idiotic and evil anti-conscience. This is why we cannot find salvation.

I will give you a much better explanation. Thanks to Charles Darwin’s discoveries we all know that we are animals. We’re primates. However, we’re rational animals. We vary from other animals only because we are able to think.

Other animals have feelings, sensations, and intuition, but they can not think like us. We all know that the human race passed via a long means of transformation right from the start of our existence on Earth like other animals. The prehistoric man was totally different from the present day man.

We believe we’ve evolved and we’re more intelligent compared to prehistoric man. However, a particular percentage of our brain didn’t evolve like our human conscience. The largest part of our brain remains in a primitive condition, without having evolved since the very first formation of the live conscience.

Consciousness is a procedure that depends upon the will of the conscience that must acquire consciousness. If a conscience is not interested on learning, it won’t learn anything. The procedure of consciousness depends upon conscious will. This will depend on the decisions of the thinking conscience.

The truth that the very first live conscience could think doesn’t mean that it kept evolving and learning. It’d no motivation to understand anything, and it couldn’t understand the worth of learning. It absolutely was a dog conscience, extremely violent, which became evil with the frustrations and deceptions of life.

The anti-conscience is really a sneaky demon that thinks like an ancient man, and is still active in your brain. It generates mental illnesses by invading your conscience and sending you absurd thoughts with absurd suggestions. Its intention would be to destroy your capacity to believe logically and take the place of your ego. This way, it’ll always control your behavior instead to be tamed by your human conscience.

Given that I really could uncover the existence with this poisonous conscience (which I named anti-conscience) you can eliminate all of the absurdity you have inherited through dream translation. You may get reduce the wild part of your brain by transforming it into an evolved and positive part of your brain.

You cannot kill your anti-conscience because it’s part of yourself. You have to tame the primitive part of your brain by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

The primitive part of your brain is consistently causing serious problems to your conscience, because it keeps attempting to destroy your conscience. It is also causing serious problems to your life.

The anti-conscience influences your mind and behavior, and it’s enough energy to cause strange situations, accidents, and other misfortunes. The anti-conscience does everything it may to cause you to lose your mind with the problems you can have, since it really wants to generate terror and despair. This is the way it destroys your conscience.

God speaks in dreams to be able to give you important secret messages by what your anti-conscience does against your conscience and ways to win the battle against your wild nature. You live to be able to eliminate the absurd tendencies you have inherited, and develop into a perfect human being.

The fastest you eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness, better is the life. Dream translation is a procedure of consciousness because you understand all of your mistakes, and the mistakes of everybody around you. You understand how to stop making these mistakes and evolve. In addition you understand how to protect yourself from other people’s mistakes.

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