Five Great Tropical Saltwater Fish To The New Saltwater Aquarium


After getting home from a long day at work and getting the kids into bed you’ve worked into the wee hours of the night and most of the last couple of weekends to get your new saltwater set up just right. You have developed the reef method to be the envy of the neighborhood! Don’t forget you’ve tested the water faithfully since you cycled your aquarium. The time has arrived that you can start introducing tropical saltwater fish into your tank. The choice is what kind of tropical saltwater fish do you add?

Because of this, you want to give serious thought to that will telephone your new saltwater tank house. Also, the sequence in which you include fish and how many of the same type may make a difference. Fish could be protective of the houses just like us. Here is a list of five tropical fish which are simple for beginners to manage and may live together on your new saltwater tank.

The Royal Gramma

The front half of its body and mind are a glowing purple, while the rear half is yellowish. As it remains small (less than 3 inches), it’s ideal for small reef technologies. It is recommended for saltwater tank setups as small as 30 gallons.

They can be aggressive towards their own species, and consequently, you should only purchase one for the aquarium. This tropical fish is a hot water dweller and favors caves and extensive rockwork. It does well in a somewhat subdued lighting arrangement.

Powder Blue Tang

This tropical saltwater fish will be sure to amuse you! If you aren’t sure which fish I am writing about believe of”Dory” from the Disney movie”Finding Nemo.” The Powder Blue Tang comes with an oval body shape using colorful markings. It is largely blue and is accented with white and yellow. They like reef systems with passages which provide them with a sense of security. Live Fairy Shrimp Unless your tank is actually large you should just have one Blue Tang. They’re also proven to quarrel with the Brown Tangs. If you would like to have these 2 sorts of Tang on your aquarium be sure to have a great deal of space and reef with passages.


You can not think about a saltwater tank and not imagine a Clownfish (Nemo). Clownfish have alternating bands of orange and white. Some varieties will have black lines as well. This is a good fish for saltwater tanks with reef systems. This peaceful fish will spend most of its time at home in its own anemone. If you plan to have more than one Clownfish it’s ideal to add them in pairs and has a minumum of one anemone for every pair you place in the tank.

Flame Hawkfish

This is one of the most well-known types of Hawkfish. This tranquil fish has a red body with darker markings over the dorsal fin and around the eyes. The Flame Hawkfish can be very personable fish. They make a great addition to any live reef aquarium as long as there are no small shrimp in the aquarium.

Fantail Filefish

This fish is very popular due to its exceptional color scheme. The Fantail is a cream colour with brown striations on its face along with a brown pattern covering the remainder of its body. Its tail is in stark contrast with orange then brown then yellow coloring scheme.

If you’re planning a saltwater fish only aquarium this would be a superb choice. They are not recommended for reef tanks since they love eating invertebrates.

There are numerous other fish that could be considered great beginner fish. The most essential thing to bear in mind is that a saltwater aquarium is a long term commitment. So make confident the fish you choose are ones that you and your family will enjoy.

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