Getting Your Movie and Culture News on Satellite TV


If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re definitely thinking about watching the news headlines, but once you start, it may get a little bit overwhelming. After all, with so many different channels available and a fresh opinion from each talking head with every new day, it could become a bit of a dog and pony show over on all the news channels. And for anyone who simply wants to know what’s going on on the planet, chances are that everyone from FOX to CBS will probably make it take a considerable amount of time before the easy news is presented in a way that’s simple to understand.

At the same time frame on both cable and tv, there are many and more news programs or channels that instead give attention to the entertainment percentage of the day’s happenings, newz and which means alerts on everyone from Justin Bieber to Sandra Bullock. And while this will sometimes be fun or entertaining, the truth is that no one needs to understand that much of a celebrity’s personal life on a regular basis. It often gets in the manner of the actual news, and that could cause a whole lot of problems if you’re wanting to stay informed rather than get salacious.

But when you have satellite TV and want a regular or weekly digest that covers how the news headlines has been reported, you can find options available that put a bit of a funny spin on things while still giving you a few of the pertinent information to help keep yourself up to date or keep yourself cool enough at the office. One of the finest by far is Current TV’s “InfoMania,” with an adorable fresh-faced host who brings viewers through every one of the week’s news. And you can find particular beats for different chapters of the culture and entertainment world, with one reporter focusing on the newest advertising towards women on “Target: Women” while another man dissects the weekly iTunes top 5 lists on the “White Hot Top 5.” It’s definitely not as hard-hitting as “60 Minutes,” but somehow “Infomania” provides a lot more actual informative data on the news headlines in comparison to other shows on satellite TV that give attention to jokes, too, like “The Colbert Report.”

At the same time frame that entertainment reporting is getting so popular, it is now harder and harder to get a good or decent opinion on something as simple as what movies which can be out this week are worth seeing. Again, Current has everyone covered with the “Rotten Tomatoes” show. Associated with the website that ranks films based on the reviews they received from esteemed critics along with based on popular opinion, it’s a good mix of the well-educated and the voice of the people. In terms of satellite TV goes, it can also be one of the less gossipy oriented film or movies shows,

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