Dungeness Crab – learn all about Dungeness crab, its season, price, recipes, how to eat the crab and a delicious roasted Dungeness crab recipe with butter and black pepper.


I love crustacean, especially crab! I am so lucky that I live in California where I can get live Dungeness crab all year round.


When is dungeness crab in season? Every year, the crab season starts in November and runs through to summer months of June to July.

The peak season when Dungeness are the biggest are winter months, for example: December to January, when they are in the 2.5 lbs range, with the sweetest meat and the biggest crab claws.


There are a variety of recipes to enjoy the crab. Here are some cooking methods to show you how to cook Dungeness crab:

Roasted Dungeness crab


Chinese-style Ginger and Scallion Crab

Chili Crab

Crab Noodle

Crab Cakes

How to Eat Dungeness Crab?

Once the crab is cooked, it’s easy to enjoy the crab meat inside. Use a pair of cracker (or even your teeth!) and hand gloves (optional) as the tools.

Below are the step-by-step guide to enjoy the crab meat.

Remove the top shell by flipping it open from the body. Use both hands; one holding on to the bottom part of the crab and the other hand flips open the shell. Discard the shell.

Remove the gills on the crab.

Snap and break the crab into halves.

Separate each crab leg and crab claw from the cluster using your hands. They should break off from the cluster quite easily.

Use the cracker to crack the shell on the claws and crab legs. Remove the shells and enjoy the sweet flesh.

The crab meat is inside the cluster, separated by white soft shells of the cluster. Pick the crab meat out with your fingers or use a small fork to remove all meat.

Practice makes perfect. Crab meat is so delicious and it’s worth it to pick out the meaty flesh.

What is the Price for Dungeness Crab?

Believe it when I say this, Dungeness crab is not pricey if you know where to buy it.

If you live in a city with Chinese and Asian markets, you will be able to find live Dungeness crab swimming in a water tank in the fish department.

The crab is sold for an average of $5.99 – $8.99 per lb here in California. During its peak season, the price could be as low as $3.99 per lb, which means that a live crab is less than $10 and you can get it cleaned, chopped up, steamed or deep-fried at no extra charge!

However, I understand that many of you do not live in a city with an Asian market. In that case, you can always try Costco and you will be able to buy it at a reasonable price.


Today, I am sharing an easy and super delicious recipe with you. The crab is roasted with butter, black pepper and great for entertaining.


This recipe is only 235 calories per serving


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