Must See Attractions in Pompeii


Once in Naples, a trip to the excavations at Pompeii is not to be missed. Pompeii has preserved a lot of its urban structure, in addition to the architectural and artistic components of two thousand years back when, in 79 AD, the city was buried under volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius.

Various tours are being offered at the Archaeological Site of Pompeii and, depending in your interests, these may be chosen from: the daily life of a Roman town, the architecture, the artworks and the urban structure, in addition to nature walks along the outer walls which supply a fascinating picture of the ancient city. A complete visit requires several days but, with respect to the time you have available, tours of just one hour, half of a day or perhaps a full day are available. Don’t miss a trip to the interesting site of Herculaneum.

The most crowded place in Pompeii, the Forum is situated right near the main gate. It was the main center of life in Pompeii, the cultural and civic nerve of the city. Any significant religious or commercial events would occur here; it was essentially the main square and heart of the city.

The Stabian Baths is Another well-preserved bath, that one could be the oldest in Pompeii. In addition it features a slightly bigger chamber and sees a whole lot fewer crowds. You can also see some preserved bodies here, which will be unsettling (though you’ll become accustomed to it the more you wander the ruins). The bath area also had a gym and workout area (for wrestling, as well) and a large, almost Olympic-sized, swimming pool.

House of the Small Fountain, a beautiful house with a large back room, wonderful frescoes, and a beautiful mosaic fountain. The vast majority of the rooms cause the central atrium and you will see that the home was owned by someone who was simply perhaps a bit wealthy.The sloped roof was used to collect rainwater, which was also utilized in the fountain, a great exemplory instance of innovation at the time. House of the Faun is the biggest house in Pompeii and gets its name from the statue in the front courtyard. Garden of the Fugitives is located in the rear of Pompeii, this old vineyard has preserved casts of men and women who didn’t make it out from the city alive. You can find 13 bodies in the garden, frozen in a grotesque and agonizing tableau that reflects the horrible final moments of the city. It’s both incredibly interesting and unsettling at the exact same time. House of Venus in the Shell is another place located far far from the crowds, this house features a colorful fresco to the goddess Venus. There are also several gardens here and a detailed statue of Mars. The Amphitheater is another best ancient place to visit at Pompeii. House of Sallustio is among the oldest houses in Pompeii. It was most likely an inn, owing to its location and size. There’s also a small garden and covered porch in the rear, a fresco of the goddess Diana, and even a little food shop in the front.

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