Why DeliverMe is The Next Best Thing in Restaurant Delivery


Restaurant delivery apps have been increasing in popularity over the years. Both for their convenience to the user, and their benefit to the restaurant in serving someone that’s not there in person. What’s more, these apps are creating jobs worldwide for delivery drivers and giving them the working flexibility many of which have never had before. You could say it’s a win/win/win scenario all around, or is it? While apps like Mr Delivery, DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and UberEats have established themselves in the restaurant delivery market, there is room for improvement.

Enter DeliverMe. The new restaurant delivery service that’s about to change the game for restaurants, users, and delivery drivers alike. Read on to find out how.


COVID-19 has dramatically increased the need for and usage of delivery apps, for groceries and restaurants alike. According to GreenBiz, “UberEats claims to have experienced a tenfold increase in new restaurant signups, and some local restaurants say the percentage of orders placed through third-party apps has risen from around 20% to roughly 75%. 

Even before the COVID era, food order and delivery apps were growing rapidly, and the sector was on track to more than double in value by 2025 — from $82 billion in 2018 to $200 billion by 2025. Projections showed that by 2023 about one-quarter of smartphone users, or 14 million Americans, will use these apps.”

The pandemic has made delivery apps more vital for both consumers and businesses alike. It is a way for restaurants and grocery stores to stay in operation without needing people to come to the restaurant physically. For many, it is the only way to stay afloat. Delivery apps are needed worldwide, and consumers and restaurants are constantly looking for the best options to save themselves money. 


One of the biggest issues with current restaurant delivery apps is the massive delivery commission fee they take, which is 30% by apps like UberEats. According to Business of Apps, the major issue for Uber Eats even though it takes a 30% cut from all orders and a delivery fee, it has yet to make a profit. Part of the problem is in many cities; Uber is attempting to gain market-share through exclusive partnerships with established brands like McDonald’s, and Starbucks by offering cheap delivery costs. In most cases, restaurants lose money when people order from these apps. 

Not only that, but consumers are also losing money, paying 30% higher fees for meals for the convenience of having them delivered. When going out isn’t an option during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a catch-22 that benefits no one but the delivery service providers. The market is currently dominated by the four previously mentioned restaurant delivery apps. When examining data provided by Business of Apps, we can see how they compare.

Note that this graph is only for the US. The same source provided an additional graph of other restaurant delivery apps around the world, seen below.

DeliverMe is aiming to be the first third-party delivery service app to charge a flat rate, monthly fee to restaurants meaning zero percent commissions. The app will be easy-to-use for restaurants, users, and drivers who sign up. While delivery drivers may choose to operate as independent or employed. As per their CEO, Thando Siyengo, “DeliverMe’s business model offers tiered and affordable pricing based on monthly order volume. So our business model doesn’t break the bank”


GreenBiz states, “For the environmentally minded, the increased adoption of app-based food delivery services presents a unique opportunity to affect carbon emissions.” Delivery currently accounts for 15% of all urban trips. This adds approximately 25 million tons of CO2 emissions to our planet annually.

DeliverMe sets itself apart by being committed to a zero-emission business model in the form of  green delivery Grocery Delivery. This innovative delivery service will allow users to have a shareable O-Mission score which updates with each order placed. Part of their commitment is to push forward a Fuelless Fridays initiative to better spread awareness of the impact of restaurant delivery on the envireonment.

This is a campaign idea in which every Friday there will be green delivery and transportation of all orders placed through the app. In this way, restaurants that partner with DeliverMe can boast eco-friendly delivery. DeliverMe has also committed to offsetting the emissions from their delivery network in order to remain carbon neutral. These features and offerings  give DeliverMe a huge edge over the competition in the highly competitive restaurant delivery market.


DeliverMe is not solely focused on restaurant delivery, they’ve set their sights on the grocery delivery market as well. This will be the first app of its kind to partner with restaurants and stores alike, offering convenience to businesses and users. DeliverMe’s mission is to enable restaurants and stores to better understand their customers. Their approach gives their restaurant and grocery store partners an edge over the competition in attaining new customers and keep existing ones, while saving both parties money.

REINVENTING THE RESTAURANT DeliverMe’s mission is to help restaurants modernize their business processes and connect with customers. By bringing innovative solutions without extravagant fees, and offering green delivery, DeliverMe has a massive edge in the competitive restaurant delivery market. Filling holes in the market, DeliverMe is sure to stand out amongst competitors and users alike and make a name for themselves early on in the world of delivery apps.

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